The Helix Difference


For nearly 40 years, nonprofit AccessLex Institute has focused on providing you with the resources you need to succeed on your law school journey. Now with Helix Bar Review by AccessLexSM, we’re focused on making your final step – from law student to lawyer – one that only you profit from.

With a state-of-the-art interface, flexible access, and innovative adaptive learning platform to fit your schedule and learning style, Helix Bar Review identifies your knowledge gaps and dynamically adapts for maximum impact. Personalized pathways, short concept videos, quick quizzes, gamification, podcasts for on-the-go learning, and the most advanced MEE® module available are just some of the features that put Helix at the top for active learning and memory retention. And, heck – we’ve even made it a little more human and fun.
And unlike commercial bar prep providers whose primary goal is to generate profits for themselves and their stakeholders, Helix is delivered at cost with a transparent pricing structure that assures you see where every dollar goes. The cost is the price. No negotiating. No random discounts. No games. Simply put, AccessLex will never generate profits from the students we serve. Sustained by a $650 million charitable fund solely dedicated to the support of law students and legal education – we don’t need to.


What better partner to have than one whose only mission is your success.


Launching — Fall 2021.