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Meet the Helix Team


Meet the Team

We can’t wait to see your enthusiastic “I just passed the bar exam” selfie and your official LinkedIn update. In the meantime, you’ve got work to do to prepare – and we’re here to help you have the most successful bar prep experience possible.

Our Helix Directors are dedicated individuals who, just like you, went to law school and studied for a bar exam. (And they all passed, too!) So, whether you’re excited to get started, are struggling to figure out where to begin, have a question about IRAC-ing an essay, or need some reassurance to put the pause on your panic, your Helix Director is standing by to help. Join them in a weekly webinar, schedule a one-on-one coaching session, or just reach out. They’ll be there.

Kimberly Wolenberg

Three tips: (1) Do practice questions in exam-like conditions. (2) Set weekly goals during bar prep to keep you focused and motivated. (3) When you need help during bar prep, don’t wait more than 24 hours to ask for support."

Kimberly Wolenberg, Esq.

Managing Director, Bar Review Engagement

Fidel A. Calero

Remember to: Prepare your friends and family for what the bar exam entails. If you can, start studying early. And if you work full-time, be sure to take time off in the last few weeks."

Fidel A. Calero, Esq., MBA

National Director – South

Kevin Leary

Trust what got you here. The bar exam is a test with incredibly high stakes; but it is reserved only for those capable of passing. Work hard and have confidence in your ability to complete this last hurdle on your path to licensure."

Kevin Leary, Esq.

National Director  East

Camesha Little

Start strong! Begin with a consistent and balanced routine and try to stay on task with the recommended study schedule. Starting strong will also ensure that you have room to pivot if and when life happens along the journey."

Camesha Little, Esq.

National Director – West

Azin Abedian

Every weakness is an opportunity to build strength. Allow challenges to activate your greatness."

Azin Abedian, Esq.

Regional Director

Victoria Burnette

Faith. Focus. Finish. Have faith in the bar prep process. Focus on running your own race. Finish strong! 

Victoria Burnette, Esq.

Regional Director

Rebekah Cudé 

Seek to understand the rules – when you understand a rule, you are better able to recall it when you need it. Remember, take one step at a time. One day at a time."

Rebekah Cudé, Esq.

Regional Director

Sherrie Detzler

Start each day with a promise to do your best. And at the end of the day, be confident you did just that. Studying for the bar is an emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical journey. Being kind to yourself will produce the biggest return."

Sherriee Detzler, Esq.

Regional Director

Mitchell McFee

Trust the process. You successfully got into law school and successfully graduated law school, which shows you can conquer just about anything! Study hard, follow your plan, and you’ll be licensed before you know it."

Mitchell McFee, Esq.

Regional Director

Bethany Pierpont

Study your own way. Make flashcards, stick Post-its to your wall, draw a map, highlight. Whatever worked for you in law school should work for you on the bar. Have a tried and true method? Stick with it!"

Bethany Pierpont, Esq.

Regional Director

Meghan Short

Embrace failure.  Every mistake you make studying for the bar exam is a mistake you won’t make on test day."

Meghan Short, Esq.

Regional Director

Kayla Kanary

Every time you keep going when you want to quit. Every time you remind yourself that you are smart and capable. These are the small victories. But never discount the value of small wins and their ability to propel you towards big success."

Kayla Kanary, Esq.

Director — Operations

Nadia McCaffrey

If you start to feel overwhelmed, acknowledge the feeling, but then let it pass. Sitting with it for more than a few minutes is counterproductive. So, take a break or find ways to distract yourself. Stay positive to help you stay motivated."

Nadia McCaffrey, Esq.

Manager — Customer Care

Lyssa Thaden

Meet the Vice President, Helix Bar Review Engagement.
Lyssa has spent over 25 years in higher education. A sociologist and educator, her primary focus has been connecting the dots between research and application – particularly as it relates to instructional design, user experience and user outcomes. 

“After investing so much in your law school education, choosing the right partner to get you through bar prep and successfully on your way to becoming a licensed attorney should be a thoughtful process — not a high-pressure purchase moment. Consider what you know about yourself and your needs, ask lots of questions, and do your research. Make this decision an informed one.”