Working professionals sitting around a table.
Working professionals sitting around a table.

Our Helix Directors

A Team of Licensed Attorneys Working to Help You.


Meet the Team

We can’t wait to see your enthusiastic “I just passed the bar exam” selfie and your official LinkedIn update. In the meantime, you’ve got work to do to prepare – and we’re here to help you have the most successful bar prep experience possible.

Our Helix Directors are dedicated individuals who, just like you, went to law school and studied for a bar exam. (And they all passed, too!) So, whether you’re excited to get started, are struggling to figure out where to begin, have a question about IRAC-ing an essay, or need some reassurance to put the pause on your panic, your Helix Director is standing by to help. Join them in a weekly webinar, schedule a one-on-one coaching session, or just reach out. They’ll be there.

Sherrie Detzler

Start each day with a promise to do your best. And at the end of the day, be confident you did just that. Studying in law school and for the bar exam is an emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical journey. Being kind to yourself will produce the biggest return in your professional and personal journey".

Sherriee Detzler, Esq.

National Director — North Central (CT, MA, MI, NJ, NY, OH, RI, WV)

Bethany Pierpont, Esq.

Study your own way. Make flashcards, stick Post-its to your wall, draw a map, highlight. Whatever worked for you in law school should work for you on the bar. Have a tried and true method? Stick with it!"

Bethany Pierpont, Esq.

National Director - South/West (LA, TX)

Victoria Burnette

Faith. Focus. Finish. Have faith in the bar prep process. Focus on running your own race. Finish strong!"

Victoria Burnette, Esq.

Regional Director — DC, FL, GA, MD, SC

Alyssa Hare

Make sure to incorporate breaks into your schedule. You will feel more energized and engaged while studying if you give yourself time to relax or do something you enjoy!"

Alyssa Hare, Esq.

Regional Director — IL, IN, KY, TN

Bethany Harris, Esq.

Go into bar prep with a strategy. Determine when you have the most energy in a day and use those hours to your advantage. Devote extra time for practice questions in the subjects you struggled with in law school. Schedule enough sleep to allow yourself to feel refreshed and get back to it the next day." 

Bethany Harris, Esq.

Regional Director — AR, DE, MO, PA

Arti Sharma, Esq.

Use your resources and don’t hesitate to ask for support! At Helix, we humanize the bar exam prep process. During coaching calls, we can help tailor your study schedule and empower you to utilize strategies that work for YOU, so take advantage!"

Arti Sharma, Esq.

Regional Director — IA, KS, NE, TX, OK, SD, WI

Bonita Young, Esq.

Perfect practice makes PASSING!"

Bonita Young, Esq.

Regional Director — AL, MS, NC, VA

Barry Zlotowicz

Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed with all the content you need to learn. Take a step back and identify the one topic you’re going to focus on at that moment. Tune everything else out and focus on that topic. The rest will fall into place after that."

Barry Zlotowicz, Esq.

Regional Director — CA

Rebekah Cudé 

Seek to understand the rules – when you understand a rule, you are better able to recall it when you need it. Remember, take one step at a time. One day at a time."

Rebekah Cudé, Esq.

Manager, Institutional Engagement

Mitchell McFee

Trust the process. You successfully got into law school and successfully graduated law school, which shows you can conquer just about anything! Study hard, follow your plan, and you’ll be licensed before you know it."

Mitchell McFee, Esq.

Manager, Student Engagement