When thinking about bar prep, it’s normal to be laser-focused on studying (it is the whole point, after all). But taking care of your wellbeing during this time is also essential. And a healthy lifestyle isn’t just good for you; it can also be good for your exam score—in ways that might surprise you.

Across a series of Lifestyle Tips for Bar Prep posts, we’ll be your partner in prep: giving you actionable ideas that will help you feel—and do—your best.

Bar prep can take different amounts of time, depending on your schedule. So we’ve created these posts to be flexible. Here’s the roadmap in case you want to peek ahead.


Set Yourself Up for Success

Before you start studying, we help you set up your space and your schedule and set expectations with the important people in your life.


End of Week 1

We regroup on what worked and what didn’t and offer some science-backed lifestyle tips for retention and cognition.


Halfway There

You’re in the thick of it! We’ll get you reset for the final weeks and make sure everything is good to go for test days.


Week Before the Bar

You’ve done so much, now is not the time to cram. We’ll help you get in the right headspace so you have a foundation for feeling good on test days.


Week of the Bar!

We’ve come this far together. We’re not going to let you cross the finish line alone. From the few days before to the days of, we’ll offer simple tips to help you feel your best to take on the test.


Sound good? Great! If you’re ready to go, head over to Lifestyle Tips for Bar Prep: Set Yourself Up for Success.